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Another life update: changing paths

Hi everyone, long time no post! If anyone has been wondering why this was, there is a reason - I changed my degree subject. I'm now studying Human, Social and Political Sciences, which is a massive mish-mash of social sciences stuff. So I don't really feel qualified to run this blog any more. Why did… Continue reading Another life update: changing paths

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Day in the Life of a Japanese Student

Hi guys! Sorry I've neglected this blog so much. As you'll read below, Japanese is quite an intense subject so I've been very busy for the past four weeks! But without further ado, here is a day in the life of a Japanese fresher! I've chosen a Monday, but most days are like this. For… Continue reading Day in the Life of a Japanese Student

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That rubbish bit between offers and results (aka exams)

Given that I'm in the throes of revision right now I thought I'd do something a bit different today. When I got my offer in January I was a proper keen bean. The thought of making an A*AA offer was kind of terrifying (although it's very possible to get higher offers for AMES, especially if… Continue reading That rubbish bit between offers and results (aka exams)

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“Wider Reading”

I may be posting this after stuff about interviews and admissions assessments, but wider reading is one of the most important things you can do to be successful in an AMES application. I mean, there's techniques for interviews and AAs but ultimately it rests on how much you've demonstrated your interest independently. Where do I… Continue reading “Wider Reading”

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Interviews – My Experience

EDIT: I was recently alerted to the fact that Cambridge don't really like people revealing the specifics of interviews until a few years have passed, so I've had to reduce the level of detail in some places. Sorry about that, but I hope it's still helpful! ------------------- It's commonly known that interviews are simultaneously the… Continue reading Interviews – My Experience

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The Admissions Assessment (AMESAA)

When you apply for AMES, as if interviews and submitted essays and personal statements weren't enough, you also have to do an admissions assessment. Sounds fun, huh? Not. When I applied it was brand new which made it even worse as nobody knew what to expect. But it turns out I did quite well in… Continue reading The Admissions Assessment (AMESAA)