At Cambridge

Another life update: changing paths

Hi everyone, long time no post!

If anyone has been wondering why this was, there is a reason – I changed my degree subject. I’m now studying Human, Social and Political Sciences, which is a massive mish-mash of social sciences stuff. So I don’t really feel qualified to run this blog any more.

Why did I change? I found that after all the stress of applying and getting in, the reality of studying Japanese was different to what I expected, and I found that I didn’t enjoy it. Furthermore, I realised once I moved to university that even being a little bit away from the people you’ve known all your life is tough, so the thought of going to Japan was frankly terrifying. The stress of studying a degree I wasn’t enjoying was damaging my mental health, so I felt changing subject was the best option compared to sticking it out.

As you can imagine, this was a tough decision to make (and also a tough thing to convince Selwyn to let me change…) so I didn’t take it lightly. Thankfully I enjoy HSPS a lot more, so everything is on the up for me. If you want to follow what I get up to at university then my Instagram username is allstarstella, I post a fair amount on there. #shamelessplug

I’d like to point out that this decision was mainly as a result of my interests changing, rather than the degree being bad per se. It was a lot more language-heavy than I’d anticipated (about 90% language when you take into account all the homework) when really I wanted to focus more on the culture side of things. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t really realise this until I was faced with the reality of spending most of my time studying grammar and vocab rather than exploring culture and what makes people tick. Plus there wasn’t as much choice as I’d hoped with optional modules in second year and beyond – I wanted something more holistic, and HSPS is definitely that!

So, a cautionary tale here: take the course descriptions seriously. When they say it’s intensive language, they’re not joking. It’s hard work!

As far as this blog goes, I suppose since I no longer study AMES it’s a bit hypocritical of me to carry on the blog! But I’m going to leave it up in the hope it helps a few people out. Cambridge needs y’all!


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